Gnetum montanum

Gnetum montanum

Latin Name: Gnetum montanum Markgr.

Common Name: Gam nui, Sot nui

Distribution: Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Sikkim, Thailand, Vietnam

Habitat: Subtropical broadleaf forests

Description: Evergreen, climber; branches smooth, swollen at nodes. Leaves opposite, simple, oblong-ovate, 12-30 cm, dark green. Dioecious (male & female flowers on separate plants). Unlike other gymnosperms they possess vessel elements in the xylem.

Propagation: Seed

Cultivation: Tropical condition, in partial shade.

Uses: The fibres from the bark of the stem are used in making gunny bags, fishing nets, and ropes; the seeds yield edible oil, are eaten fried, and are used for making wine; the sap is used as a cold drink.

Restrictions: IUCN Red List, CITES Appendix II Listed Plant

RBGE Data (May 2012):

  • Accession number: 19791010
  • Source: T. C. Godfrey donated the seed in 1979
  • Provenance: Wild collected from Hong Kong
  • Location: LowlandTropics

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  • SubClass: Gnetopsida
  • Order: Gnetales
  • Family: Gnetaceae