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Beeches – North and South

Here Alan Bennell discusses the differences between the Northern hemisphere (Fagus) and Southern hemisphere (Nothofagus) trees.


Here Alan Bennell and Peter Baxter discuss Stewartia.

How tall are these trees?

Here Alan Bennell talks about how you can measure the heights of some of the nearby trees.


Here Alan Bennell talks about the Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara) and the differences between true cedars (Cedrus) and Thuja.

Giant Brazilian Rhubarb

Here Alan Bennell talks about the Giant Brazilian Rhubarb Gunnera manicata.

The Eachaig Arboretum

Here Alan Bennell introduces you to the Eachaig Arboretum.

Birdlife at Benmore

Here Neil McCheyne ralks about some of the birdlife you may see and hear whilst exploring the gardens.

George Forrest and his Rhododendrons

Here Alan Bennell introduces George Forrest and his plant collections.

Native treasures at Benmore

Alan Bennell discusses the rich variety of native species, including birch, pine, mosses and wild flowers growing at Benmore that you can explore.

What the label tells you

Here Alan Bennell explains the information on the plant labels.

Benmore arboretum trail

Explore Benmore’s Arboretum and find out more about the trees and the native wildlife you might see and hear during your visit.