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St Brigid anemone

Ruby Collett

‘I like to plant something every day!’ Ruby Collett was in her eighties when she made this remark to a younger neighbour.  A student probationer gardener at RBGE…

Mary Gibby and Heather McHaffie

Fern Conservation – Celebrating our Science and Horticulture throughout March for International Women’s Day

Protection of the habitat is a perhaps the most effective method of conservation of plant diversity, yet this alone cannot guarantee the survival of some of our most…

Bertha Chandler

Bertha Chandler – Celebrating our science and horticulture throughout March for International Women’s Day

Bertha Chandler (1885-1961) In 1901 did Andrew Carnegie know, by donating $10 million to create the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, that his legacy would assist…