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Edible Gardening Project’s Harvest Competition results

This year we’ve had to be a little inventive with our Harvest Produce Competition. Usually the competition is open to community gardens and groups, but we know that some many of you have found solace in your gardens and allotments, and particularly in growing your own food, over the Covid-19 lockdown. For this reason the team decided to open the competition to a wider range of people and accept online submissions for the first time. Well done to all who entered.

Botanic Cottage Garden Social September Blog

On the first Friday of each month the Botanic Cottage hosts a drop-in session for those living with dementia and their family members, always with an RBGE inspired theme. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not meeting as a group yet, but instead our Garden Social tutor Jaimie is producing a written blog. Over to Jaimieā€¦

What happens to all the veg from the Edible Garden?

The Edible Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh is carefully tended by a team of dedicated volunteers. In reward for their endeavours the volunteers are able to…

Top 10 Winter Harvests in the Edible Garden

Cold temperatures and low light levels in winter do not mean an end to fresh produce from the garden. Here at The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh we have…

Summer harvest from the garden, and hedgerow

I’ve been away on holiday for two weeks and was eager to get back to see how the edible garden was looking. I was very pleased to find…