The days are getting longer and all the lovely weather this week has got everyone thinking about the garden. So here is a quick guide to veg growing jobs for March

General Tasks:

  • Finish preparing the soil for sowing seeds. The aim is to create a fine ‘tilth’ – a nice crumbly structure that is ideal for germinating seeds.
  • Soil can be warmed by covering it with cloches or black plastic a few weeks before sowing.

    Warming the soil with black plastic

    Warming the soil with black plastic



Plant supports:

  • Erect bean poles and pea sticks before planting the seeds or young plants.



Birch plant supports

Birch plant supports



  • Sow a range of crops directly outdoors, on a windowsill, in a propagator, or undercover (cloche or greenhouse) .
Sow   outside Sow   undercover (cloche or greenhouse) Sow in heat (windowsill or propagator)
Beetroot, Broad Beans, Early Peas (best started   in a gutter in the greenhouse then slipped into a trench), Brussels sprouts,   Kohl Rabi, Leeks, Lettuce, Radish, Parsnips, Spinach Beet, Early Turnips Summer cabbages, early cauliflowers, early   carrots Tomatoes, celeriac, peppers, aubergines and   cucumbers



  • Continue to harvest overwintering vegetables. We are harvesting leeks, kale, chard, parsley and oriental greens.