We have now arrived in Tajikistan and, after spending a day in Dushanbe sorting out equipment and looking round Dushanbe Botanic garden, we hired a 4x4to drive us to Khorog

photo 3

The Tajikistan Afghanistan border

The drive was supposed to have taken 12 hours but after experiencing land slips on the way the trip took 16 hours but the drive down was spectacular, we followed the river for about half way to Khorog. This is the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan and we saw some amazing views and sights with Eremurus just coming into flower.

photo 4

The drive down Khorog

In Khorog we registered with the police and are now on our way to Jawshangoz which is south East and is the valley on-the Shakhdara range. This area is very hot and dry and the scenery is spectacular with all the apple blossom and Salix just coming into flower and the straight stems of lime trees lining the road edges. The season is a little late so we are just finding seeds from last year on the plants but by the streams Primula are just starting to flower. In the next couple of days we will be heading to the other side of Shakhdara range which runs parallel with the Wakhan corridor then we will head towards Murghab which will be our furthest East we will explore we will then head back to Khorog and explore the wetter side of the pamir.

photo 2

The Car Wash!

Khorog Tajikistan