New record for rarely seen fungus

A rare (or rarely recorded) fungus has been found on at least two of the Quercus species on the oak lawn at RBGE:

Dichomitus campestris is a small (up to 10cm across), cushion like fungus with pores covering the entirety of the fruit body (with no discernable “upper” or “lower” part). The pores themselves are rounded to irregular, often oblong shaped. The immature fruit body is white to creamy white, yellowing as it ages, finally a light brown with blackened edges. The fungus is found on dead branches of deciduous trees, particularly Corylus and Quercus.

The Arboretum team will continue to record the appearance of D.campestris, and other fungi in the tree canopy at RBGE.

Dichomitus campestris Quercus trojana

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  1. Derek Hargreaves

    I think I have found a similar example on a dead oak branch in woodland in East Yorkshire. Is this find of interest to you?