A short film on Hugh Cleghorn: Indian Forester, Scottish Laird

A short film on Indian Forester, Scottish Laird and the personalities behind it.

Sylva Exhibition Film

A short Sylva Exhibition film based on the talk with the artist
Sadie Barber

International Women’s Day 2017: Sadie Barber

Sadie works as a Senior Horticulturist in the glasshouse research collections.  She works closely with scientists studying the evolution and genetics of certain plant groups.  Her time at...
Tiina Sarkinen

International Women’s Day 2017: Dr Tiina Sarkinen

Tiina is originally from Finland and is a Biodiversity Scientist in Edinburgh working on the economically important plant family Solanaceae.  This family includes potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and chilli...
Subhani Ranasinghe

International Women’s Day 2017: Subhani Ranasinghe

Subhani is originally from Sri Lanka and is currently working on her PhD, studying members of plant family Gesneriaceae from Sri Lanka (African violet family).  She has already...
Kate Hughes

International Women’s Day 2017: Kate Hughes

Kate is a Senior Horticulturist who works on a variety of projects focussed on building and sharing horticultural skills within RBGE and overseas. She is sub editor of...
Jacqui Pestell

International Women’s Day 2017: Jacqui Pestell MBE

Jacqui is an artist and Director of Botanical Illustration at RBGE, designing and teaching a wide variety of courses.  She is passionate about spreading the skills to enable...
Sangeeta Rajbhandary

International Women’s Day 2017: Dr Sangeeta Rajbhandar

Sangeeta is Professor, at Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University, doing her own research, teaching and supervising PhD and MSc students. She has worked as a Darwin Scholar...
Louise Galloway

International Women’s Day 2017: Louise Galloway

Louise is a Glasshouse Supervisor with joint responsibility for managing staff and curating the collections.  During her career, she has been part of several plant hunting expeditions to...
Sabina Knees

International Women’s Day 2017: Dr Sabina Knees

Sabina is a botanist specialising in the flora and vegetation of the Arabian Peninsula and the wider Middle East. This work includes conducting mountain surveys by helicopter in...