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The Caledonian Hall & the former RCHS Experimental Garden

This building is named in honour of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (RCHS, often known as the ‘Caley’). They commissioned its construction in 1841, primarily as an exhibition…

The East Gate Lodge & the former RCHS Experimental Garden

This elegant house was designed by renowned Scottish architect William Playfair and was completed in 1826 to provide accommodation for the Curator of the Experimental Garden of the…

Bergamo: House in the Mountains

The plethora of international connections within RBGE has its botanical and personal perks. In the summer, before starting my second year of the Plantsmanship HND, I spent 5…

Audio Tours: Privacy Policy

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) publish a series of mobile phone apps that provide audio information about locations in and around our gardens. To do this the…

The IMPRESSIONS project: Our climate future?

Developing strategies to manage high-end climate change in Scotland and Europe IMPRESSIONS (Impacts and risks from high-end scenarios: Strategies for innovative solutions) is a 5-year EU project that…

Silent Space at Logan Botanic Garden

Logan Botanic Garden is the first garden in Dumfries & Galloway to join Silent Space – encouraging people to switch off their phones and truly relax. It follows…

Rhododendron leaves in winter: A moving tale

If you’re ever in the Garden when the temperature is near or below freezing, you may notice that some of the evergreen rhododendrons look rather sorry for themselves….

Project Soothe is Three

Last week Project Soothe celebrated their third birthday by launching a film celebrating the exhibition we held together here at the Botanics in 2017 – a double celebration!…

Education and horticulture deliver prestigious bespoke landscape architecture course

The education and horticulture teams recently joined forces to deliver a 10 week course for international postgraduate landscape architecture students from ESALA (Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape…

The grass herbarium of General William Munro (1818–1880)

Scattered throughout the herbarium cabinets of Gramineae at Edinburgh are many sheets from the herbarium of the distinguished soldier and agrostologist William Munro, bearing a printed label ‘from…

How do the Botanics make you feel?

During the recent Project Soothe exhibition at the Botanics participants were asked to mark on a map of the garden places that Soothed them, Excited them or made…

Diploma in Botanical Illustration 2017 Graduation Show

Visit the Diploma in Botanical Illustration show in the Fletcher Building from the 9th to the 17th September from 11am – 4pm each day. The Graduate Show 2017…

Buses from the East Gate

Lothian Buses provide frequent services (Numbers 8, 23 & 27) from two stops on Inverleith Row by the East Gate. Click here for live city bound bus information…

A Dark Tale

Tony Bonning tells the a dark tale from a tropical forest.

The Mouse Deer & Tiger

Tony Bonning tells the tale of the Mouse Deer and the Tiger.

The Rain Maker

Tony Bonning tells the story of the Rain Maker.  

The Beautiful Garden

  Tony Bonning tells a moral tale about the beautiful garden.

Tortoise & the Wisdom of the World

Tony Bonning tells a story about the how a tortoise who wants to be wise.

Touching the Moon

Tony Bonning tells a story about a woman who wants to touch the moon.

The King of the Forest

Tony Bonning tells a story about how the king of the forest was chosen.