Cherry blossom trees by River Forth

Cherries in full bloom in Stirling @accommodationbedscotland

Under a glorious canopy of blossom I find the Stirling’s automatic air pollution monitoring station, (part of the Automatic Urban & Rural Network).  A rather battered looking station, but touched by the beauty of overhanging laden boughs.  Unfortunately my previously trusty camera suddenly decided to totally give up the ghost and left be bereft and sadly lacking in my own photos of the day.

Poised amidst this pink haze of blossom I start surveying the lichens on the cherry trunks, barely aware of the busy road and roundabout a mere couple of metres away from me.  About half a metre away from me in the other direction is a busy footpath, and my curious nose pressed to bark close inspection of these tree trunks generates quite a bit of interest with several people doing double takes at my antics and a few brave souls even asking me some questions.  Two locals even joined me in picking up a handlens and taking a closer look themselves at their local lichens.. some lovely ooohs and wow’s followed!


Before the blossom @scottishairquality

Part of the Edinburgh Living Landscape initiative & the TCV Natural Talent scheme