Digging is fun!

Digging is fun!

Pupils finally had a chance to work on their plots this week due to better weather. We prepared our plots by first weeding them using hand tools and used our fantastic Burgeon and Ball Apprentice spades to dig out deeper-rooted things. We even found a few garlic cloves that had been missed in last year’s harvest which had started to sprout so we broke up the cloves and replanted them.

We then mixed in some of our vermicompost (‘worm poo’) produced by the worms in our wormery. This ‘black gold’ is full of nutrients and it will help our plants grow better.

Next we raked the soil to make it level and to get rid of any stones.

Some of us even sowed some spring-planting garlic and onions.

In our more sheltered site, which is surrounded by walls, we sowed our first seeds.

Here’s hoping for good weather next week so we can get more seeds in. It’s been a cold, late start to the growing season, but it’s better late than never!


Replanting the garlic

Our worms  Photo: Brenda White

Our worms
Photo: Brenda White