Despite a reputation for being rather a rare breed, this week, purely by chance, we have found ourselves with an embarrassment of bryologists at the Gardens. As well as our Research Associates Drs Liz Kungu, David Chamberlain and David Long, PhD student David Bell (University of British Columbia) and Gordon Rothero, we have been joined by:

Karla Yunuen MagaƱa, an MSc student at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Mexico, who is working on the phylogeography of the complex thalloid liverwort Targionia.

Dr Des Callaghan, a consultant bryologist from Bryophyte Surveys Ltd, who is investigating a species complex in British species of the moss Weissia with funding from Natural England and the Sibbald Trust.

Dr Kristian Hassel, head of the TRH herbarium at the NTNU University Museum, Trondheim, who is looking at the leafy liverwort Scapania nimbosa.


Bryology dinner