Now that the Cherry blossom fades the Lilacs are providing continuity of colour Syringa x persica (a hybrid between S. afghanica x laciniatata.) The “Persian Lilac” is an old hybrid that deserves to be widely grown, it has long been cultivated in ancient Persia, Highly scented flowers of lilac shade clustered in terminal panicles. The plant has a lax, twiggy habit so benefits from a regular prune following flowering to prevent a mass of dead wood spoiling the display. Syringa is in the family Oleaceae which also contains the common hedging plant Privet. Usually Ligustrum ovalifolium or L. vulgare are grown as boundary hedges. Later in the season these too produce highly scented, though smaller, panicles of white or cream coloured flowers. A good reason to leave the hedge cutting until later in the summer as pollinating insects appreciate the panicles; as will nesting birds, the lack of disturbance during the breeding season.