A plant of 1960’s suburbia. With the housing boom in the 1960’s the Pampas grass became a popular feature of British gardens. The images are of a cultivar of this South American giant; Cortaderia selloana ‘Pumila’. Found growing on the flat plains, the pampas, of South America several cultivars have been introduced. These are tolerant of many soil types and conditions. Best planted in an open sunny situation where over years the initial shoot will clump up to three metres in height and more in width. These plants are dominating the herbaceous border. The evergreen nature of the plant and the sharpness of the leaves make it best approached with care. The panicles are composed of a dense mass of individual flowers. Silver in appearance and of great merit as a specimen plant or in the mixed border at this time of year. When the sheath initially opens to reveal the tightly packed flower plume a distinctive pink sheen adds to the beauty of these giants.