IMG 484478
A packet of spores collected from Dicksonia blumei. The plant’s accession number and name along with the date and location of the collection is all important information for when the spores are later cleaned and stored.

More photos from the move…

IMG 4816
Before any work with machinery begins, Horticulturist Kate Miller collects spores from the fronds that have been cut from the tree fern to reduce its canopy.
IMG 4832
With an area cut around the base of the fern, the planting bucket of the electric telehandler then easily slices under the root ball.
Pictured: Kate Miller and Neil Watherston
IMG 4863
The tree fern moves into the Temperate Lands Glasshouse, which is almost at capacity, and so it is potted just inside the entrance and manoeuvred into the right space afterwards.
Pictured: Kate Miller, David Tricker and Neil Watherston
IMG 4872
 After careful adjustments and a change of telehandler attachments, the reduced root ball is slowly lowered into its new Air-Pot®
Pictured: David Tricker, Kate Miller and Neil Watherston
IMG 5225
Dicksonia blumei is now growing well amongst the diverse collection of plants housed in the Temperate Lands Glasshouse.

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