By gardenpoets


Not that you can tell the time from the Benmore sundial because today the cloud is dark and low and the rain is a terrier… a wall of water… a sullen, grey, sulking… well, I’m sure you can imagine what the rain is like.

Sadly, I leave Benmore on Sunday so, if you have a tree-themed poem that you would like to share as part of our celebration of the 150th anniversary of the planting of the Redwood Avenue, please submit it today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the lovely poems below which have just crept in under the wire.

The first is from one of my home crowd down in Hertfordshire, who has not only been writing poetry but has been repairing my very ancient, person-powered lawn mower. I couldn’t help but cheer when he told me he’s also given the mower a test run over my lawn. So many thanks JimHenry for the poem and for your help with making sure my garden isn’t a total jungle when I return.

Robbie by JimHenry of Great Amwell
Robbie the reindeer of willow was made,
by beautiful people with binding and blade.
Flower bedecked, four feet tall,
he stands at the entrance to welcome you all.
 The following poems were left in the box in Puck’s Hut.


Freedom by Collette, USA    
Find a tree
That speaks to me
Whispering secrets
Of how to be free





 Colin, Kentucky, USA

 A suggestion by Maj, Ayr
How beautiful are the trees I see
When I am with my family.
The beauty and the sharing,
Let us be loving and caring.


Sue Butler

Source: Walking With Poets