rosemoor 065The best way of storing onions is using the traditional string method.








DSCF6349Onions must be dried first if they are to store well. When you have harvested your onions spread them out somewhere warm and well ventilated to dry. This will take several weeks.

Check the onions for signs of rot. Any damaged onions will not store well and the rot could spread to others nearby.

When the onions are ready shorten the leaves to about 15cm and trim the roots.




053Take a 1m length of string and double it. Make a loop at the base and feed the neck of the first onion into it. Hang the string up at this point.







046 Thread the next onion through the double sting until it is firmly held. Continue with the rest of your onions.

Don’t thread on too many onions as the string can get very heavy.

Click here to watch a youtube video of stringing onions for storage.




When you have finished hang the strings in a cool, dark, dry place and they should last for several months.