Last week saw driving snow storms, freezing temperatures overnight and bright sun leading to a rapid thaw early on in the day.

Some plants thrived; it was the demise of an annual show of flowers in others.

Large deciduous specimens of Cornus mas are unscathed; the flowers slight scent should be appreciated as these remain in profusion on the plant. Rhododendrons on the other hand fared poorly. The attached image shows the ring of petals despatched from Rhododendron aff. faucium. Still colourful but will bleach and rot rapidly.

We are unlikely to get the warmth and sunshine hours of last March so when thinking of replanting containers with seasonal material be circumspect in your choice. More snow on the way!

Cornus mas. Photo by Tony Garn

Cornus mas

Cornus mas 'Macrocarpa'. Photo by Tony Garn

Cornus mas ‘Macrocarpa’

Rhododendron aff. faucium. Photo by Tony Garn

Rhododendron aff. faucium