This species is a native to Japan where it establishes on forest margins and in clearings. When in cultivation; enjoying a position on a stream side with exposure to the sun or in an open border.

The image of the species shows rounded heads of seed all puffed out ready to disperse and act as a seed bank for a future generation of Ligularia.

For images of the Ligularia dentata hybrid in full bloom refer back to seasonal plants of interest of 18th August 2009. Remains of the ray florets can be seen shrivelled and hanging down from the seed head in the attached image of the hybrid. Contrasting the two; the species and the hybrid, shows the hybrid may be more stunning in flower but the species comes into its own at this time of year.

Ligularia dentata hybrid. Photo by Tony Garn

Ligularia dentata hybrid

Ligularia dentata. Photo by Tony Garn

Ligularia dentata