Bambusa vulgaris.

Bambusa vulgaris.

Bamboos are essentially a group of toughened grasses. This particular giant bamboo is known as Bambusa vulgaris. It is an open clump-forming species with striped stems and dark green leaves.The plant can grow up to a height of 12 meters, with a stem 8 cm thick.

New shoots can reach full height in less than 60 days in summer.

The species in the genus Bambusa are native to tropical Asia and America, but other bamboo species are found beyond this range and some species extend to temperate regions.

Did you know?

Bambusa vulgaris is widely planted and uses for a variety of purposes, primarily for the use in the construction of houses, huts, bridges (there’s one suspension bridge in Sichuan province China which is at least a thousand years old) and boats (incl. masts, rudders, outriggers and boating poles). It is also used in fences, scaffolding, furniture and handicrafts. It has even been used to make lightweight bicycle frames, and fly fishing rods.

Bamboo is a favorite food for the giant panda and bale monkey, Asian elephants like bamboo too. This particular genus of bamboo is even eaten by people as the familiar bamboo shoots of Asian cooking.

Due to a very rapid rate of growth some bamboos can be used to provide biomass for green power generation.