Juno Iris are a sub group within the genus Iris. The Juno’s form the largest group of those Iris with a fleshy bulbous base. Demanding free draining compost they are adverse to overhead watering as moisture may collect within the leaves leading to rot.

These are two of the earliest to flower, both growing in covered bulb frames within the alpine area.

Iris rosenbachiana; Native to Central Asia. Light purple in flower with prominent raised butter yellow markings leading back into the throat of the bloom. The flower, reaching 100mm in height has a deep sweet scent. Strong leaf growth is beginning to appear and expand.

Iris stenophylla ssp. allisonii from a warm Mediterranean climate and flowering exceptionally well in the alpine house. Found growing in the West Taurus Mountains near Gundogmus. This is a blue beauty, made more so with exceptional markings on the petals.

Iris rosenbachiana. Photo by Tony Garn

Iris rosenbachiana

Iris stenophylla ssp  allisonii. Photo by Tony Garn

Iris stenophylla ssp allisonii