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Iris foetidissima


A self-sown clump of Iris foetidissima is bursting with clusters of orange berries in the lower area of the Chinese hillside. These capsules are retained through the winter….

Alpine House February 2018

Have you seen the Alpine House?

Worth a visit; the Alpine House is displaying the best of spring colour. It is undeniable that protected cultivation allows a display of colour and interest to get…

Astilbe koreana. Photo by Tony Garn

Frost in season

The weekend of 14 – 16 January brought the coldest weather of the winter, so far, quite a shock to the system given the weather pattern this winter….

Iris ensata var. spontanea. Photo by Tony Garn

The Japanese Water Iris

A late flowering display of Iris is always welcome in the garden and Iris ensata var. spontanea in the Biodiversity garden fulfils this task admirably. Collected in Japan…

Iris pseudacorus 'Variegata'. Photo by Tony Garn

Favourite foliage

With mid summer approaching plants have taken the opportunity to maximise growth with the longer day length. Two plants with variegated foliage that lighten up dreary corners are…

Selection of wild collected Primula alllionii

Gold for the Alpine team

A fine start for the Alpine team at the garden. The team have won gold medals for displays of alpines at Stirling, Hexham and Edinburgh this year. These…

Iris stenophylla ssp allisonii. Photo by Tony Garn

Two early Juno’s

Juno Iris are a sub group within the genus Iris. The Juno’s form the largest group of those Iris with a fleshy bulbous base. Demanding free draining compost…

Iris iberica var elegantissima

Iris’s handkerchief

Iris iberica var. elegantissima one of the showiest of the Oncocyclus group of Iris. This naturally occurring variety is found in N.W. Turkey and into neighbouring Iran. The…

Iris histrioides

A sea of blue

The sun has been more in evidence during the past week. This has boosted the appearance of the spring bulbs. In the rock garden Iris histrioides has taken…

Iris unguicularis 'Walter Butt'. Photo by Tony Garn

A clean shave

Providing flowers in a sheltered glasshouse border is an Unbearded Iris. Protruding from a mass of flattened evergreen sword shaped leaves are the delicate blue flowers of Iris…

Iris pseudacorus

Native Yellow Flag Iris

Planted in groups through the garden and a common sight in less well drained locations around the country is one of our native Iris, Iris pseudacorus. Collections have…

Iris pseudocaucasica

Highlights: 31.12.07

Grass cutting commenced on 1st February after a very mild, wet winter. Irrigation was much needed for the Rhododendron collection as growth flushed in the spring and flowering…

Highlights: 9.7.07

The first seed heads of note this season are on Dryas drummondii ‘Grandiflora’ growing on the alpine wall Iris ensata, south of the pond. E & C Asia,…

Highlights: 25.6.07

Iris setosa: Planted in the border to the west of the pond. Perfect buds open deep velvet purple, fades to a lighter shade with a narrow band of…

Iris chrysographes

Highlights: 7.6.07

Berchamia polyphylla var. leioclada: Growing against the west facing wall that runs down the back lane by the research corridor. Leaves very attractive, mid green, prominent veining on…