• Iris chrysographes

    Iris chrysographes

    Berchamia polyphylla var. leioclada: Growing against the west facing wall that runs down the back lane by the research corridor. Leaves very attractive, mid green, prominent veining on both sides. The older stems have snake bark colouring, insignificant white star shaped flowers produced on short stalks from leaf axils, slight scent, followed by small red berries

Iris chrysographes: Native to S.W. China, a selection of plantings:

  • L. S. & T. collection from 1938. Much variation in flower colour through the clump, through blue to yellow. The result of cross pollination
  • L.S. & E. 13309, strong stand good purple shade in F06, dark form, F05 and bottom of Chinese hillside, new plantings. Superb form