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Cotoneaster seedlings

Seedling surprise

Looking for a cheap source of plants to bulk up your hedge or boundary shelter? Stay observant as you weed through the borders. There are often numerous seedlings…

Claytonia perfoliata, Winter Purslane. Photo by Tony Garn

Seedling growth

Temperatures reaching double figures have been a daily occurrence this month and so too through December. Even the overnight minimum does not often drop below zero. Apart from…

Ilex pernyi. Photo by Tony Garn

Ilex pernyi

A small leaved Holly, introduced by E.H. Wilson from Sichuan province, China, during an expedition funded by the Arnold Arboretum. It grows amongst forests and woody cover in…

Rosa glomerata. Photo by Tony Garn

Season’s greetings

The shortest day dawns and we can hope the weather improves with increased day length. The country proverb that when the Holly is prolific with berries we will…

Ilex aquifolium 'Golden King'

Highlights: 17.12.07

A plant of seasonal interest, Ilex aquifolium has a wide geographical distribution ranging through South West Europe, North Africa, to South West Asia. Cultivated in Britain for centuries….

Highlights: 30.4.07

Ornithogalum pyrenaicum “Bath Asparagus” a member of Liliaceae that has colonised the shaded ground beneath the Limes to the north of Inverleith House Aesculus hippocastanum “Horse Chestnut”. A…