New Reekie - power plant

New Reekie – power plant

New Reekie is still drawing a crowd even though it is now begining to look past its best. Today (30th June) the skirt-like spathe that wraps around the central spadix is closing and begining to shrivel and fade. At any momment the entire structure could flop over as decay sets in. Prior to first opening […]

New Reekie - a toast to the titan arum

New Reekie – a toast to the titan arum

The first flowering in Scotland of the world’s largest “flower” is something to celebrate. So what better tipple than the wine produced by the decendants of the plants discoverer – Odoardo Beccari. After graduating Beccari spent time at Kew Gardens and met prominent naturalists and botanists of the day, including Charles Darwin and William and […]

New Reekie - in the heat of the moment

New Reekie – in the heat of the moment

A small army of staff and volunteers, dubbed the ‘Titan Arum Army’, is sweltering alongside New Reekie to help explain this extraordinary tropical plant to visitors. However, heat is a central part of this plants story in more ways than one… Yesterday, on June 17th, Marianne Farish from SRUC, just outside Edinburgh, was a special […]

New Reekie

New Reekie

Summer 2015 will see an exciting botanical first for Scotland when the titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) flowers at the Botanics. This native of the Sumatran rainforest has been nurtured at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh since 2003 and Garden staff are expecting large numbers of visitors to come and admire this rare spectacle, which lasts […]