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Protecting Potatoes: Diversity, Domestication and Darwin

Protecting Potatoes is a new plant display with interpretation for summer 2018 at the Botanics. It can be found in the Demonstration Garden and the Temperate Palm House, and has…

Devil’s Advocate: Let Them Eat Potatoes

…is definitely a South American theme developing here). The Tsimane don’t get heart disease because they just eat potatoes whilst the Scots, who could easily live off potatoes but don’t,…

Last season potatoes

Last season potatoes

Strawberry Planter. Photo by Tony Garn

Strawberries in baskets; potatoes in pots

…well. If you have room for a large pot try setting a few chitted potatoes in a bed of soil or compost. When planting, rub out the weakest sprouts, leaving…

potatoes chitting

Planting potatoes


Digging for Potato Treasure

potatoes from the high Andes of South America. Potatoes these days all look much the same. The familiar spherical beige tubers are pretty much all we see in the shops….

A picture of one of the completed dishes. A sweet potato topped with vegetable chilli and cheese

Botanic Cottage Cook Club March 2020

…your potatoes for longer.  The chilli freezes well too. 1 large or 2 small sweet potatoes per person 1 onion, finely chopped 1 clove of garlic, peeled and finely chopped…

Recreating Edinburgh’s potato

Scotland has a global reputation for potato research, and as a producer of quality, disease free, seed potatoes used by farmers. Many people would think that the tattie is a…

What to do in your fruit and vegetable garden in Scotland: FEBRUARY

…stocking seed potatoes. Potatoes are tender and should not be planted out until late-March or early-April. Seed potatoes can be encouraged to sprout before planting by placing them in a…

Origin of the Edinburgh potato

…from Edinburgh potatoes was likely the result of viable pollen coming from nearby cultivated potatoes. This explains the observation of high variability by Sutton as this second generation of plants…

Anticipating the new potato season

potatoes that we had last year thanks to the James Hutton Institute. However, alongside them we will be growing potatoes that our volunteers Liz and Jan have created by doing…

Potato blight

…it should be burned rather than composted. The potatoes can be dug up and eaten fresh. If you want to try and store the potatoes leave them in the ground…

Edinburgh potato faces late blight

A new twist in the story of the Edinburgh potato (Solanum xedinense) could be the most interesting yet. Late blight (Phytophthora infestans) symptoms were found on many of the potatoes

What to do in your Fruit and Vegetable Garden in Scotland: APRIL

…and rewarding crop to grow; the best time to plant them is April. To plant the potatoes dig a narrow trench 12.5cm deep. In the trenches place ‘early’ seed potatoes

Funding news and potato deliberations

potatoes to form shoots before planting. It is usual to chit the potatoes for 4-6 weeks, dependent on the weather (and when they arrive in the post!). We will pop…

Edinburgh’s potato: flowers at last

…is found where fields of potatoes grow alongside the wild potato and interbreeding happens naturally. Flower of Solanum xedinense, otherwise known as the Edinburgh potato. But why, you might ask,…

Last season potatoes

Two interlopers

…whatever their size. Any remaining, known as volunteer potatoes, will then sprout and grow the following season and can be vectors of pests and disease. Rubus sp. Last season potatoes

Man holding a tiny potato the size of a bean.

Size isn’t everything

…the shops; it is rather small to put it politely. We did not really know what to expect, but were hopeful of digging up potatoes about the size of walnuts…