Bleached white through shades of yellow to the darker red; the range of colour deciduous tree canopies evolve into. There is a timely article, discussing the changes leaves go through to give the range of autumn colour “Nature’s Grand Finale” by Professor Geoff Dixon in the Plant Review September 2019. Identifying different plants that contribute to this annual palate of colour makes us aware that our native and introduced flora combine to provide such a finale before winter. The images attached include Hydrangea petiolaris covering a wall in the garden. The foliage has summer colour bleached from the leaves leaving them almost translucent silver. A native to NE Asia that is ideal for covering north facing walls. Betula lenta a fine specimen planted on the Azalea lawn displaying a full flush of intense yellow leaves. Stewartia pseudocamellia leaves of intense red, a young plant on the Oak lawn. Combine these colours with the sights and sounds of the Garden on a crisp, sun filled autumn day and you have a recipe for a walk that will fill your spirit in preparation for the shorter winter days following the clock change.

Betula lenta
Hydrangea petiolaris

Stewartia pseudocamellia