Plant an evergreen

Mid-March and the worst of the winter weather should be behind us. Now is an ideal time to plant an evergreen as the desiccating cold winds that are detrimental to newly planted evergreens are less likely occur. If you have space choose an unusual species to enhance your garden. Think heritage planting for the future. This image is of Pinus wallichiana, collected in Nepal one of the long needled Pines native to the Himalayas and western China. Often referred to as the “Bhutan Pine”. This 5 needled specimen has an elegance, the long needles hang gracefully from the slender branch structure. Once chosen the important work begins, soil preparation and amelioration. If the plant is container grown ease it out and roughen the sides and base of the compost filled with roots. Then stand in a bucket of water until the root ball is hydrated. Plant with care into a well prepared planting hole to the depth that it was growing at in the container. Grade soil and remove footprints. Gently water in, spraying some water over the foliage. There may be slight sinkage around the planting area as the watering and future rain washes soil particles down through the cultivated soil. Check to ensure that any exposed roots are then recovered with soil.

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  1. Seonaid Stewart

    Very distressed about yoir decision to close the garden. The government is encouraging people to take excercise and other organisations like thr rspb and National Trust are making it easier for people to visit their outdoor sites. I shall be emailimg your management.

    • Site Editor

      The National Trust have now closed all gardens and country parks that need staffing. Hopefully we will be able to open again soon and look forward to welcoming you back.