Frequent, regular mowing. This maintains an even length of sward, preventing the coarser, vigorous grasses from dominating. Sharp, clean blades on a dry surface. Ideally, mow only on a dry day and even then wait until any morning dew has evaporated. Check blades for a clean, sharp edge, would you use a blunt pair of scissors? Define and clip the edges. Hedges and edges are the two elements that if managed will give the appearance of a cared for garden. Tease out tap rooted weeds. Use a border fork easing the prong down the length of the tap root to free its grip on the soil. Vary your trip to the shed. Avoid using the same route across the lawn to spread the wear. Three feeds a growing season, April, June and August. The grass will show the results of this boost 14 days after application. Unless you are growing sports turf where the quality of the immaculate sward is be all and end all to the players and your reputation then a general purpose fertiliser spread lightly and more importantly, evenly, will suffice. Aerate/scarify. These operations rejuvenate a tired sward. Clean the mower after each use. Wet grass is like glue, it binds itself to the body of the mower, building up after successive mowing until it affects the efficiency of the machine. Leaf collection. A build-up of leaf litter will suffocate the grass plant to its detriment. Using a spring tine rake will also act to scarify the surface.