A spring favourite leaping continents

Used as we are to the yellow flowers of the Primrose, there are colour variations of this species which we are lessPrimula vulgaris familiar with. A native to three continents; Europe, N. Africa and SW Asia; in Britain this low growing perennial herb colonises hedge bases and open woodland.

Seeds of this Primula vulgaris were collected in Eastern Georgia. Growing amongst Beech forest with spring bulbs; Scilla and Galanthus. The flower colour ranges through shades of white to violet. Some botanists would defer to a sub species status thus acknowledging the status and stability of the petal colour.

The plant exhibits the thrum eyed and pin eyed morphology of the species by which making anthers or stigmas prominent in individual flowers on the same plant prevents self pollination.

Primula vulgaris - Pin eyed flower. Photo by Tony Garn

Primula vulgaris – Pin eyed flower

Primula vulgaris - Thrum eyed flower. Photo by Tony Garn

Primula vulgaris – Thrum eyed flower

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  1. John Holland

    That is delightful, how can I get hold of some seed ? I would very much like to try and grow it .