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Deutzia purpurascens. Photo by Tony Garn

Floral spring flush

Deutzia purpurascens a deciduous twiggy shrub of light structure which nonetheless manages to develop into an impenetrable tangle of growth. A native to Western China, found on steep…

Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Rainbow'. Photo by Tony Garn

Rainbow arc

Leucothoe fontanesiana ‘Rainbow’, this cultivar of the Ericaceous family is growing in the sheltered and shaded sunken north facing courtyard of the front glasshouse range. Lush shiny foliage…

Rhododendron sinofalconeri. Photo by Tony Garn

A fine introduction

The truss of blooms on Rhododendron sinofalconeri is worthy of show merit. The colour and form are first class. Give this 16 year old plant time to mature…

Caltha palustris. Photo by Tony Garn

May blob

Caltha palustris, a lush growing plant with a wide distribution covering the temperate northern hemisphere. It has the most unfortunate common name; “May blob”, referring to the golden…

Decaisnea fargesii. Photo by Tony Garn

Pendulous panicles

Decaisnea insignis is a  multi stemmed deciduous shrub native to Western China. Huge pinnate leaved foliage, comprising a variable number of leaflets (13 – 25) develops, forming a…

Fraxinus ornus var. juglandifolia. Photo by Tony Garn

A Balkan beauty

Weather and climate have colluded this year to ensure a magnificent flowering season. Mature trees have excelled in their flower production this year and currently Fraxinus ornus var….

Paeonia suffruticosa. Photo by Tony Garn

Rock solid blooms

Four and a half pages of tight text indicate the importance that WJ Bean placed on this species of tree Paeony, Paeonia suffruticosa, in his book “Trees and Shrubs…

Cydonia oblonga. Photo by Tony Garn

The true Quince

Chaenomeles japonica is often referred to as Quince. This common name should be reserved for Cydonia oblonga. The fruit of both do however make a very fine jelly;…

Acrisione cymosa bark crack. Photo by Tony Garn

Ravaged by winter; cherished by spring

Well here we go harping back to the winter after the warmest weekend of the year. Winter has left its mark on the Chilean native, Acrisione cymosa. Notice…

Gunnera manicata. Photo by Tony Garn

Seals and shrimps in the season of phenomenal growth

Spring; and the ground flora greens up. Growth during the month of May is impressive; leaves seem to double in size during the hours of daylight. The prolonged…

Paeonia coriacea. Photo by Tony Garn

Picture perfect Paeonia

With the sun on the petals this Paeonia coriacea is seen at its best. Each herbaceous shoot bestowed with flower. A native to Morocco where it was collected…

Malus hupehensis. Photo by Tony Garn

The most magnificent Malus

During the early 1900’s exploring the thickets of Sichuan in SW China Ernest Wilson introduced Malus hupehensis. Now a broad multi-stemmed tree with an eight meter wide canopy….

Rodgersia podophylla

Pin ‘n Pod

Foliage to appreciate in a woodland border is how I would describe the leafy growth produced by these two memorable Rodgersia species. Rough and robust. The images show…

Meconopsis 'Slieve Donard' bud

The Himalayan Blue Poppy

A new planting of Meconopsis Hybrids can be seen in the woodland garden, one of the best being Meconopsis ‘Slieve Donard’. This hybrid has an Edinburgh city pedigree…

Magnolia acuminata

Salad days

Magnolia acuminata, also known as “The Cucumber Tree”. It takes this common name from the shape and appearance of the fruit which swells to resemble a cucumber after…

Quercus rubra

Visible from space

Descending into Edinburgh airport and picking out landmarks is generally the way to pass the time in anticipation of landing in the capital. On a return flight our…

Elytropus chilensis - microscope image

Intoxicating scent seeking wall space

Elytropus chilensis a woody evergreen almost unnoticed as you walk through the Chilean plant collection to the north of the Front Range. Flowering profusely tucked beneath other shrubs…

Iris iberica var elegantissima

Iris’s handkerchief

Iris iberica var. elegantissima one of the showiest of the Oncocyclus group of Iris. This naturally occurring variety is found in N.W. Turkey and into neighbouring Iran. The…

Paeonia wilt

Paeonia with a problem

Paeonia mascula; with a wide geographical range; Mediterranean to S.E. Asia, this herbaceous species produces carmine red flowers that are stuffed full of yellow anthers. A worthwhile member…

Rhododendron yunnanense

A wall of colour

Outstanding. Just one word that captures the quality of the Rhododendron display this year. Previously I mentioned a subspecies of Rhododendron arboreum. A hybrid affiliated to this species,…