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Feb 012017
A collaboration between RBGE and Edinburgh College of Art

On 1st February 2017 an exhibition opens in the Library Foyer at RBGE displaying work which was produced through association between RBGE and Edinburgh College of Art and inspired by our research collections.  This exhibition will run until the first week of March.  Context In October 2016, the Edinburgh College of Art 2nd year Illustration […]

Jan 312017
Climate Change, Storm Connor and Capturing Carbon.

Storm Connor blasted the North-East of Britain with 90 mph winds over the Christmas holidays, just days before the fifth anniversary of Cyclone Andrea. Over the same period the Arctic ice sheet was at its lowest ever winter extent since records began in 1978 and snow fell in the heart of the Sahara desert for […]

Jan 272017
How Green Is Edinburgh Really?

I’ve spent the last few days working on the data pipeline I first mentioned in The Cloud Lottery that is Scottish satellite imagery. This pipeline consists of a series of R scripts that will place an order for Landsat 8 surface reflectance data and vegetation indices from the United States Geological Service, download the products […]

Jan 202017
In grateful thanks: the rediscovery of some long-lost Acadian specimens of Archibald Menzies

Surely one of the most moving thanks ever penned for an act of botanical patronage was that written by Archibald Menzies from his surgeon’s post on HMS Assistance, from Halifax, Nova Scotia (known to the French as Acadia) on 30 May 1784. It was addressed to John Hope who had recognised the talents of a […]

Jan 122017
Protecting Scottish trees and herbs for the future at Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank

This year RBGE staff and volunteers have collected seeds from 14 trees and 29 conservation priority herbs, to help deliver Scottish species into the UK National Tree Seed Project and the UK Flora Project. Both projects aim to protect British plants and are coordinated across the UK nations by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew’s Millennium […]

Jan 112017
Automated sampling of perceived naturalness across Edinburgh

We instinctively know that a walk in the garden or somewhere else filled with natural beauty is good for us but it is difficult to justify expensive or restrictive planning decisions on the basis of instinct alone. This is why scientists have been trying for years to quantify just how exposure to green space improves […]