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Mar 122017
International Women's Day 2017: Flavia Pezzini

Flávia is studying the relationship between species of the genus Ceiba in the Neotropics. Ceiba is one of the most conspicuous elements of the highly threatened Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest, and her research also aims to spotlight this often neglected ecosystem.   #teamrbge          #BeBoldForChange

Mar 102017
International Women's Day 2017: Elspeth Mackintosh

Elspeth Mackintosh is Senior Horticulturist in the Alpine Department. She is responsible for the running of the area which includes the public display area, an extensive back-up collection and propagation facilities for Rock and Alpine.  Spring finds her taking bulb displays to alpine shows around the country and she also hunts for plants in far-flung […]

Mar 082017
International Women's Day 2017: Introduction

To recognise and celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is showcasing the work of a small selection of our female colleagues and volunteers – both past and present – along with pioneering women that are represented in our collections. The exhibition represents the work of women across RBGE and each story […]

Mar 032017
In memory of Private Thomas Aird (1878-1917) and Private Thomas Young

When war began in August 1914, whilst most of RBGE’s male staff were joining the Royal Scots and the Cameron Highlanders, two of our staff members enlisted in the Black Watch. Based in Perth, and with origins that can be traced back as far as 1725, the Black Watch had the reputation of producing particularly […]

Mar 012017
Ten years of seasonal plants of interest – 12 that flower or colour reliably year on year.

A lot of plants have caught my eye during the past decade while compiling a weekly profile on a seasonal plant of interest. Below are the consistently reliable ones. These are the plants that whatever the seasonal weather, will flower, produce fruit or give exceptional foliage interest. These are the ten to fill your garden […]

Feb 282017
Actionable, long-term stable and semantic web compatible identifiers for access to biological collection objects

Happy to see our paper on the use of internet technologies to mobilise specimen data finally in “print”. We are hoping this will add traction to the adoption of this approach to sharing data as the more institutions who adopt it the more useful it will become and the more kinds of research it will […]

Feb 272017
John Richard Ferisy; “old soldier he”

In researching those past members of RBGE staff who enlisted and were killed during the First World War I’m aware of all those who enlisted and survived the war, having served their time in the trenches – those that never received a mention on any war memorial but tolerated many of the same experiences including […]

Feb 232017
Climate pins down dreaded tree disease

The day that Storm Doris arrives seems a fitting time to mention newly published research that suggests cold and windy weather has actually been responsible for holding back the spread of Dutch elm disease on the Isle of Man. The island has an estimated 300,000 elms and only around one per cent of them have been […]