Handling information about plants.

Feb 282017
Actionable, long-term stable and semantic web compatible identifiers for access to biological collection objects

Happy to see our paper on the use of internet technologies to mobilise specimen data finally in “print”. We are hoping this will add traction to the adoption of this approach to sharing data as the more institutions who adopt it the more useful it will become and the more kinds of research it will […]

Jan 272017
How Green Is Edinburgh Really?

I’ve spent the last few days working on the data pipeline I first mentioned in The Cloud Lottery that is Scottish satellite imagery. This pipeline consists of a series of R scripts that will place an order for Landsat 8 surface reflectance data and vegetation indices from the United States Geological Service, download the products […]

Jan 112017
Automated sampling of perceived naturalness across Edinburgh

We instinctively know that a walk in the garden or somewhere else filled with natural beauty is good for us but it is difficult to justify expensive or restrictive planning decisions on the basis of instinct alone. This is why scientists have been trying for years to quantify just how exposure to green space improves […]

Nov 292016
The Cloud Lottery

I’ve been looking at producing a good quality Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) dataset for central Scotland so that I can investigate correlation between green space, biodiversity and well-being indicators. To do this I need access to satellite imagery. Fortunately every sixteen days the Landsat 8 satellite passes over every part of the earth photographing […]

Dec 222015
CETAF Specimen URI Tester

Back in July 2013 we held a workshop here at RBGE on the use of HTTP URIs (also known as URLs or just plain web addresses) for specimens. This is an important technology that will allow scientists to refer to the specimens they use in their research. The desire is to allow “clicking through” to […]

Sep 252015
First Audio Leaflet: Dawyck Scottish Trees Trail

Apps Apps Apps For several years now we have been looking for a way to make appropriate use of mobile phones to deliver interpretation material. Smart phones really kicked off with the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 and  the market has now matured with very capable handsets available for little over £100. They […]