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Allium paradoxum

Destined for the bucket

Easily introduced to the garden when lifting and dividing Snowdrops from another area; Allium paradoxum is an invasive coloniser of cultivated ground. This form of wild garlic has…

Anemone nemorosa

A floral carpet for May Day

Anemone nemorosa provides a carpet of white or light blue flowers lasting several weeks. Colonising the woodland floor where deciduous canopies are not causing excessive shade. Appreciate these…

Crocus chrysanthus 'Snow Bunting'

The real deal

The Crocus chrysanthus cultivar ‘Snow Bunting’ emerged unscathed from the Siberian snow that fell in quantity last week. Predominantly white petals with purple and yellow striations at the…

Snowdrop division showing range of size of bulbs found in a congested clump

Snowdrop division

March arrives and this year we have had a good six weeks to appreciate the Snowdrop collection. Reliable, regular and then as the deciduous canopy above expands and…

Cornus mas

Review of the year 2017

January 1st 2017 arrived with a light overnight frost and bright sunshine. The mild weather continued and with it the fragrance from the open flowers of Sarcococca, Hamamelis and Viburnum…

Lonicera deflexicalyx

Bright berries

A light, open growing deciduous shrubby Honeysuckle, Lonicera deflexicalyx bears its fruit in pairs at the leaf axles or nodes, along the stem. These small berries are a…

Nerine bowdenii 'Pink Triumph'

Two late Nerines

For a late season blast of vibrant colour a patch of Nerine bowdenii ‘Pink Triumph ‘ is flourishing in a sheltered spot to the SE of the tropical…

Pumkin patch

May to October

The Pumpkin patch in the demonstration garden has come to fruition. The large flat seeds were sown into containers in May. Through the season the trailing growth produced…

Rhododendron fletcherianum

Out of season flowering in Rhododendron

There are several Rhododendron species and cultivars flowering out of season this autumn. At this time of year the buds should be initiating for the spring 2018 flowering….

Erica cinarea

Welcome to Scotland

The Bell heather Erica cinerea is one of the iconic plants of the Scottish hills. Flowering in time for the Edinburgh Festival season a planting near the east…

Colutea cilicica

A woody legume

A young specimen of Colutea cilicica, native to SW Asia is flowering well in the border behind the new alpine house. An unusual genus to find in cultivation,…

Helichrysum retortoides and Campanula cochlearifolia

Continental colour combo

There is a winning combination in one of the alpine stone troughs. Here two surface hugging plants from separate continents have combined, growing through each other, their flower…