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Gentiana 'Braemar'. Photo by Tony Garn

Blue blooded hybrid

Gentiana ‘Braemar’; raised from Gentian species crossed in East Lothian by Ian McNaughton of Macplants. With possible parentage of G. veitchiorum and G. hexaphylla the result is a…

Tripterygium regelii. Photo by Tony Garn

Autumn colour

The deciduous foliage of Tripterygium regelii is yellowing gracefully. This ungainly climber reaches 5 metres in Japan from where seed was collected. In Amori Prefecture it was growing…

Mallotus japonicus. Photo by Tony Garn

Red leaf stalks

The family Euphorbiaceae is more usually associated with the warmth of home at Christmas time when Poinsettias are the house plant of choice. Mallotus japonicus is also a…

Eleutherococcus leuchorizus var. setchuensis. Photo by Tony Garn

A neglected genus

Eleutherococcus leucorrhizus is a sparsely spined, deciduous shrub that is growing from a turn of the 20th Century Wilson collection. Native to SW China where it grows in…

Francoa appendiculata. Photo by Tony Garn

A second flush

Francoa appendiculata, a Chilean native that looks, by the leaf size, to be settling into the soil and situation on the Chilean Terrace at the garden. This is…

Miscanthus sinensis 'Flamingo' . Photo by Tony Garn

A mass of Miscanthus

In the Biodiversity garden is a planting of Miscanthus, the silvery strands of the flowers are most attractive. As a mass, with the sunlight playing on the flowers…

Saxifraga cortusifolia. Photo by Tony Garn

Waxing and waving

Saxifraga cortusifolia bears large waxy deciduous leaves and is one of the plants of this genus that thrives in damp soil within a shaded overhang. Native to N.E….

Vaccinium smallii. Photo by Tony Garn

Deepening colours

The autumn colours exhibited by Vaccinium smallii growing in the east valley of the rock garden are fruit and out of season flower magnificent. These deciduous leaves have…

Rhus typhina 'Laciniata'. Photo by Tony Garn

Autumn colour

After a prolific fruiting season the autumn colours step up to the mark. Make the most of these by visiting one of our four gardens; Edinburgh, Logan, Benmore…

Parthenocissus quinguefolia and Clematis vitalba. Photo by Tony Garn

Perfect partners

Plant selection and harmonious plant associations are often talked about, rarely achieved. Covering the gabion baskets in the nursery is an intertwined partnership; Parthenocissus quinquefolia and Clematis vitalba….

Magnolia sieboldii ssp sinensis. Photo by Tony Garn

Siebold’s autumn selection

The autumn colours are setting in through the deciduous canopy. Two named in honour of Philipp Franz von Siebold, 1796 – 1866 who contributed greatly to the collection…

Cimicifuga simplex. Photo by Tony Garn

Candles in the breeze

Lighting the way towards the shorter days of autumn is the late flowering Cimicifuga simplex. Long, musty scented spikes towering up to 2.5 metres are covered in a…

Physalis alkekengi

Halloween lanterns

You search the shops for ghouls and ghosts then growing on your doorstep is a plant laden with seasonal shapes. The decorative paper thin seed pods of Physalis…

Phellodendron lavalleii

Autumn colour; sensational and spectacular

Now exhibiting the full range of tints and shades of autumn, the Gardens’ deciduous canopy is here to be appreciated. With the weekend clock change make full use…

Lobelia sessilifolia

A late Lobelia

Plants of Lobelia sessilifolia from eastern and northern Asia are sending up productive flower spikes.  These are covered with dark violet flowers, tightly packed in bud as can…

Rheum officinale

Malus, Medlars and remnants of Rhubarb

A good harvest in the garden means a culinary delight for Gardens visitors. The chef at the John Hope Gateway restaurant has a recipe for jelly as an…

Malus sieversii

Apple weekend

This weekend sees a celebration of apples in the John Hope Gateway. Cultivars from gardens and collections grown throughout Scotland will be laid out on tables for comparing…

Chlorophytum nepalense

A season for spiders

Chlorophytum; a large genus of more than 200 species. Sitting serenely on many a window sill is a “Spider plant”, Chlorophytum comosum. Often variegated; almost always pot bound….

Alocasia reginula

The John Hope Gateway

Opening on Wednesday 7th October the Gateway building will be the first stunning impression many visitors will have of the Garden. Caithness slate dominates and the glass foyer…

Rhododendron leucogigas 'Hunstein's Secret' x konori

String of pearls

Within the Montane Tropics House are several Rhododendrons of subsection Vireya. Rhododendron konori, a variable species is native to the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The large pure…