Hello and welcome to Kasia’s blog. It is a blog about my first own gardening project – a small plot of land on grounds of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh which I will be cultivating over the next 5 months. This project serves as a teaching tool introducing me into the fascinating world of plant cultivation and design.

A little about the project

Cultivating a plot is a vital part of teaching programme for Horticulture with Plantmanship course at RBGE. By selecting plants, planning activities and growing vegetables and ornamental plants I will have an opportunity to develop practical propagation, cultivation and design skills.

Every year some part of the plot is dedicated to growing vegetables. The choice of veg as well as the location of vegetable beds within the plot is decided by teachers leading the module. This year me and my classmates will do our best to grow to perfection broad beans, peas, onions, beetroot and lettuce.

The design of the remaining part of the plot depends entirely on us. We can choose plants and arrange them the way we want. Click on the ‘Design’ box on the top of the page to find out about my design theme.

On 15 June 2012 a plot viva will take place. My plot will be assessed by RBGE teaching staff and an external examiner. I need to do my best to ensure my plants are in full blossom and my veg are ready to be picked out on this very day.


As my plot is located next to the tall beech hedge it is quite shady. This together with the viva date made me to think very careful about plants selection and where to start my plants (indoors in pots or directly outdoors).

The plot is located within the public area of RBGE and is an subject to damage from…little humans who may wish to sit on the soft carpet of alyssum or venture into the fragrant bushes of sweet peas.

As the whether showed us in the recent weeks it can be wild here in Scotland. Protecting my peas, beans and sweet peas and their support from wind damage may prove to be a real challenge.

And the least by not last – badgers. I heard their visit the night before plot viva can be devastating not only to root vegetables but also students’ marks.

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