To mark the centenary of the First World War, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh has created a poppy meadow at our Edinburgh garden. The meadow, located on the Garden’s Glasshouse Lawn, includes the common poppy Papaver rhoeas, an iconic symbol of remembrance and used to commemorate the First World War since 1921.

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In memory of Private John Mathieson Brown (1887-1917)

The story of Private John Mathieson Brown, who was killed on the 24th November 1917, takes us away from the Western Front in Belgium and France, and focusses...

In memory of Lance Corporal Samuel Stewart (1883-1917)

The RBGE Guild’s publications are invaluable to those researching RBGE’s 20th century history. Based on Kew Garden’s Guild which is still in existence, ours was established in 1913...

In memory of Private Duncan Coutts (1892-1917)

Duncan Coutts was born on the 20th June 1892 to John, a garden overseer, and his wife Euphemia (nee Riddel) at Methlick, Aberdeenshire. He was a Probationer Forester...

In memory of Private John Hatley (1879-1917)

John Hatley wasn’t at RBGE very long, joining us on 23rd July 1914 as a labourer at the age of 35. Genealogical researcher Garry Ketchen has been able...

In memory of Private Thomas Aird (1878-1917) and Private Thomas Young

When war began in August 1914, whilst most of RBGE’s male staff were joining the Royal Scots and the Cameron Highlanders, two of our staff members enlisted in...

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